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Finally! A study finds emotion drives engagement for video marketing

Date March 15, 2017 Author Bryan McCarthy Bolan Categories Latest

Video not only creates an authentic, human connection between the viewing audience and the content on screen, it can also have a profound impact on viewers’ emotions, as well.

This is something we at b-Mc creative have focused on and celebrated for years, and now, it’s the topic of a groundbreaking study from the BBC’s StoryWorks.

StoryWorks, the advertising and creative unit of the BBC, released a study suggesting a strong connection between human emotions and marketing campaign metrics. The study, The Science of Engagement, explored the most important factors in engaging audiences: transparency and quality.

The study used nine BBC StoryWorks campaigns as case studies for the research. It analyzed the emotional impact of each campaign and took into consideration the length of the content, the number of social media referrals it drove, along with the statistical techniques employed – such as correlation analysis - to identify the main drivers in each campaign’s success. 

The results were intriguing, and essentially a testament to what we’ve been doing for years. Here are some of the findings we believe to be especially important for ourselves and our clients. 

Content-led marketing is an innovative way for advertisers to reach audiences

Sixty-three per cent of study participants said content-led marketing is an innovative way for advertisers to reach audiences.

This comes as no surprise. As humans, our greatest moments and memories are those that have vibrant sights and sounds – the same elements that produce great video marketing.

Sights and sounds play a big part in the way we frame memories, so it makes sense to replicate this in video. The content people share, the recent show they watched, the funny YouTube video – it’s all memorable.

Not all video is memorable, but when you tap into certain human emotions, such as puzzlement, sadness, and happiness, it increases the “stickiness” of a piece of content. When video includes these aspects, a deeper subconscious relationship develops between the viewer and the brand.

Brand engagement and perception is heightened by transparency, integration and a premium environment

The beautiful thing about video is that it doesn’t need an explanation the way a blog or photo does. A video naturally captivates, and if done properly, will stir the audience emotionally. It will give them a feeling, something they can relate to on an emotional level.

The study found that it didn’t matter if the content was branded, as long as it was clearly labeled. Although this is related directly to content marketing, we find that transparency is key when it comes to all types of marketing, including video.

Whether your video will be featured on-air or will be sitting on your website’s homepage, transparency and humility are still incredibly important aspects of your marketing approach.

Expertly executed and well-labeled content was considered trustworthy and persuasive by participants, and had a positive impact for the brands involved in the study.

The bottom line

Video marketing is about building relationships with people – it’s not all about you! Have you ever been on a really bad date, where all the person did was talk about themselves and how great they are? You don’t want to be this person when it comes to dating, or when it comes to marketing your business.

You need to ask questions, have an interest in getting to know your customers, find similarities and ways to relate to your audience. This is precisely how video works – by connecting people through humility, empathy, and a letting go of ego.

It’s what we’ve been saying all along: great video comes from a place of emotion, and finally, we’ve got a study to support it. 

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